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Letter from Jared Jernegan to Helen Jernegan

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At Sea on Barque "Oriole" Near the Sandwhich Islands,

March 25th, 1865

My dear darling Wife

I will commence a letter to you and forward it as soon as I arrive at Honolulu. Now what shall I say to please my Helen. I will commence by saying I am very anxious to arive at Honolulu, where I have no dobt there are many letters for me. then I shall hear (as it were) my darling Helens answer to my invitiation to meet me next fall of 1865 - And then I hope you will write you were pleased with the presents I sent you and the Children last Fall. I hope they did not get soiled. Dear Helen I am tired of being alone and I want to have you always near me, for I know I love your dearly. You have often asked me in your letters to me if I still loved you as when we were first married. Why my darling little Wife, I assure you that, the love I then felt for you was nothing compared with the love I now feel towards you. When we were first married we were almost strangers to each other. Now, I no you are a good Wife, & a darling mother. I do hope your health will be good so I shall not be disapointed by your not coming out how very, very happy I shall feel if I can ony see way down in one corner of one of your letters to me that you shall Shurly see me next Fall. Now how much do you guess I think it will cost for you to meet me on this voyage, well I will say about one Thousand dollars, altho I shall not be supprised if it should over-rune this amount. well beleave me when I asshure you I shall never, never, regrett this amount being spent that I may have you with me. I would have you to be shure

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Dear Helen, I will mention that my White Shirts are all nearly worn out. Purhaps you could make me say three or Four, and Bring them with you
I hope to see you next Oct at San Francisco, O'how happy I shall feel if you are only well.

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I should also be pleased to have a few Collars (16 Inches collar) When I was at home Brother Nathan wanted to sell his Gold Watch now I will hear say I should like for you to Purchase it if you Think you can git it for a Fair Price and fetch it with you. Have it put in good order. J. J.

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