This voyage ended on August 14, 1860 in New Bedford. Much had changed in their absence, especially fashion. Charlotte donned her rustling taffeta silk dress with enormous hoopskirt in preparation for going ashore as a proud captain’s wife. When her husband remarked that women “in the city” looked different, it didn’t take long for her realize it was because no one was wearing an out of style hoopskirt! Charlotte never went back to sea.

The couple’s first daughter, Charlotte d’Armont Jernegan was born January 13, 1861. She married Rufus Dana Smith in 1882. Another daughter, Amy Chase Jernegan was born on January 31, 1863 and married Samuel P. Smith in 1883. Nathan and Charlotte’s last child, Henry Hodgdon Jernegan was born Dec. 16, 1866 and married Almah Etta Pease in 1889. The eldest child, Nathan Mayhew, was working as a clerk in New Bedford when he drowned in the harbor at age 17 on July 18, 1874.

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