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February 22, 1871

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Martha's Vineyard Museum Laura Jernegan

"Wednesday 22th 1871
it is a pleasant day. it is quite smooth today. the men are boiling out the blubber in the try pots. the pots are real large. when the men are going to boil out the blubber, too men get in the pots and squis out the blubber and are way up to there knees of oil. when the men at the mast head say there she blows Papa gives them 50 pounds of tobacco. Prescott is up on deck and Mama too. I am going up too. it is most supper time. I have been up on deck. I cant think of much to write. I went to bed last night and got up this morning. we had baked potatoes for supeper. and biscute. would you like to hear some news well I dont know of any. good by for to day."

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