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Traditional Music of Nootka Indians, "Whale Song"

Whale Song

Indians of the Pacific northwest coast of North America have traditionally of fished and whaled. The tribes around Vancouver Island have a long history of songs and ceremonies, during which they fast and pray for a successful whaling expedition. The Makah tribe in northwest Washington State, still hunt whales using traditional methods. This song, "Whale Song" is in the Kkakiutal language. Spouting noises of the whale are depicted by an "Brrr Brrr" sound. To hear a clip of "Whale Song", sung by Peter Webster, click on the "play music" button above.

"Whale Song" sung by Peter Webster and the Ahousaht Group on 'Nootka: Indian Music of the Pacific North West Coast,' a field recording by Ida Halpern. Ethnic Folkways FE 4524, 1974. Provided courtesy of Smithsonian Folkways Recordings (FW04524_105). Used by permission.

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