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Buenos Aires

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Native Shaman Chant # 29, Calling the Whale

Buenos Aires, is the capital of Argentina. Its port has provided safe harbor for vessels sailing along the South American shores. Colonized by Spain in the 16th century, it depended primarily on trade. In the 19th century, whalers hunted the Atlantic Ocean water here for the Southern Right Whale.

Buenos Aires is part of the pampas region, a fertile lowlands in Argentina. It has a humid sub-tropical climate with four distinct seasons. Extremely long daylight hours occur from November to February.

Native people along the coast traditionally benefited from beached whales or dead whales washing ashore. In the far south of Argentina, near the Straits of Magellen, the native shamans had a chant to call in the whales to the shore. To hear a clip of the native Shaman chant, calling the whale, click on to "play music" button above.

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