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Traditional Chilean song, "Las Naranjas"

The port of Valparaiso is located along the coast of Chile and has a long history with fishing. Valparaiso was a necessary stop for ships crossing from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. It was filled with people from many European countries, and an important place of trade. A beautiful city that is known as "The Jewel of the Pacific," Valparaiso has a hot and dry summer from November to March. The winter is mild and wet, and runs from June to August. Chile has active volcanoes, as well as earthquakes along the Maule Region, which includes the Port of Valparaiso.

Whalers stopping in Valparaiso may have heard spanish influenced music similar to the Chilean song "Las Naranjas". To hear a clip from "Las Naranjas", sung by Rolando Alarcon, click the "play music" button above.

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