New Bedford a.k.a.The City

New Bedford, Massachusetts was one of the whaling industry's most necessary and important ports in America. Often referred to as "The City", in the mid 1800s it was a bustling metropolis and home to more than 329 whaling ships, which was more than half of the entire American fleet. It was also home to the Roman and its principal owner, Mr. William Watkins.

In the days before leaving New Bedford, the Roman had to be outfitted with necessary supplies, food and fresh water had to stowed, and a crew assembled. The city of New Bedford thrived during these times because hundreds of people depended upon whaling for their livelihood. Shipwrights, blacksmiths, caulkers and coopers joined bakers, makers of rope and sails, bankers, insurers and merchants in preparing each vessel for its voyage to far corners of the world.

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